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Cutting-Edge Health and Beauty On-board and On-Shore

Health and beauty go hand-in-hand with relaxation and wellness

Health and beauty is a daily ritual for some, and weekly indulgence for others.  But no matter how much time you invest in a beauty regime, there’s nothing like a little personal pampering time.

At Scenic, we believe health and beauty go hand-in-hand with relaxation and wellness. That’s why our luxury river cruises give you the time, freedom and comfort to indulge in an invigorating beauty regime. For women who value a little ‘me’ time, our illustrious Space-Ships provide all of the services and amenities you could ever need — from the finest complimentary beauty products to a luxury wellness area.

Every ship in the Scenic fleet is catered to your relaxation and comfort. For those longing to unwind with a massage, facial or beauty regime, our beautifully appointed wellness area delivers complete wellness and indulgence. What’s more, our on-board beauty therapists are on hand throughout the voyage to help you unwind and relax, so you’ve no excuse but to enjoy a little private pamper time.


And as for those who want to stay fit and active during their cruise, each Scenic ship is equipped with world-class gym, so you can sweat it out in the gym or seek inner peace on the yoga mat.


In short, a luxury river cruise gives you the freedom to enjoy a comprehensive and indulgent beauty regime, no matter how long you plan to pamper for. But what about when you head ashore? Will you have time to pamper yourself yet further when visiting different ports during the voyage?


To help you seek out the very finest indulgent beauty treatments and products during your time onshore, here we explore a selection of natural beauty remedies unique to their country of origin. Many of these treatments are centuries old and deep-rooted in local culture, so you can enjoy a little me time without the fear of missing out. 

Lemon Juice for Nails, France

Spend time in France, and you’ll soon notice just how carefully women treat their nails. Most women in France don’t visit a nail salon, choosing instead to manicure their fingers and toes at home. Over the years, French women have developed a number of DIY beauty treatments, including applying lemon juice to varnish stained nails. The juice works quickly to remove leftover varnish, and because it’s an all-natural remedy, it improves the health of the nail, too. This simple, inexpensive solution is perfect for those on the move who happen to have forgotten to have their varnish removed.

Cranberry Juice to Accent Red Highlights, Portugal

You may eye the rich, auburn hair of the Portuguese with envy, but we may have discovered the secret to achieving similar luscious locks — cranberry juice. A popular remedy in Portugal and Spain, cranberry juice is thought to bring out the red highlights in brown hair, and many women regularly wash their hair in the juice before venturing into the Mediterranean sun. If you want to try cranberry juice for yourself, mix it with water and apply as normal in the shower.

Vinegar for Shiny Hair, Hungary

Travel to Budapest as part of your next Scenic river cruise, and don’t be troubled if you catch the odd whiff of vinegar. Traditionally, Hungarian women would apply vinegar to their hair to keep it looking shiny — a custom which began when shampoos were blacklisted by the communists of the Hungarian People’s Republic. The tradition has since been passed down through the generations, and many Hungarians still swear by the practice. Vinegar is known to remove scaly build-up and residue from hair shafts, leaving it shiny and reinvigorated.


To find out more about our luxury river cruises, visit our homepage or call 0808 252 5111. 


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