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What makes river cruising so special?

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Rose Jacobs

Scenic Freechoice

Rose Jacobs tells us more about Scenic Freechoice and why Scenic go to the Nth degree to make sure your river cruise extra special

Exclusive, cultural and unforgettable — these are but a few of the superlatives which apply to a luxury river cruise. But aside from the obvious, how do river cruises differ from ocean cruises, and just what is it that makes them so special?

At Scenic, we’re naturally biased in favour of river cruising. We believe there’s no better way to see the world than drifting its waterways aboard a luxury, purpose-built river cruise ship. And while we’re sure ocean cruise providers would say the same about their offering, navigating the myriad of charming towns along the banks of an ageless river is surely difficult to beat? Unless you book a place aboard Scenic Eclipse, of course.

To prove just how extraordinary a river cruise can be, here we provide a number of reasons to book one — for those in need of further convincement.


The most memorable moments on any getaway are those shared by few, not many. Those pining for privacy or in need of complete liberation from the bustle of routine will savour the endless exclusivity afforded by a Scenic river cruise vessel. With fewer than two hundred guests to share in your journey, you’ll enjoy an uncommon feeling of space and freedom, the likes of which ocean cruisers may be unaccustomed to. Whether you choose to relax in your private suite or mingle with others on board, you’ll never be confronted with a sense of crowdedness, and the almost 1:3 staff-to-guest ratio ensures your every request can be seamlessly catered to.

Once in a Lifetime Moments

Travelling isn’t just about striking global destinations off your wanderlust list; it’s a way to unravel foreign cultures down to their most authentic, visceral form. A river cruise carries you to the most intimate and unseen areas of a country, allowing you extraordinary experiences not commonly afforded to the average tourist. Thanks to our exclusive partnerships, Scenic offer a number of unforgettable experiences as part of our Enrich and Freechoice programmes. These handpicked and endlessly stimulating events add new meaning to the term ‘once in a lifetime’.

The Very Best Service

Cruises have long been synonymous with excellent service, but few ocean lines rival the level of attentiveness provided by a luxury river cruise. From the moment you set foot aboard a Scenic Space-Ship, you’ll enjoy outstanding levels of service at every turn — be it lounging on the Sun Deck or sat by your private balcony. And best of all? You’ll be assigned your own butler to wait on your every whim and make your time aboard extra special.

Exquisite Destinations

What truly sets river cruises apart from other types of getaway, however, is the number of exciting destinations you’ll visit over the course of the cruise. Depending on the duration of your tour, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore world-leading cities and ancient villages, uncovering a plethora of exclusive experiences along the way. Often cruising the waterways by night, you’ll wake up somewhere new each day — what could be more exciting?

A Different Experience to Ocean Travel

For those who regularly travel the high seas on their holidays, a Scenic river cruise provides a welcoming change of pace to the standard ocean-faring itinerary. Our river cruise ships are smaller and more intimate than any seagoing vessel, lending them perfectly to a relaxed yet stimulating getaway. What’s more, for those concerned they won’t see a varied enough range of destinations during a river cruise, remember that our Space-Ships traverse vast regions — introducing you to multiple cities, towns and villages along the way.

Super All-Inclusive

Shrewd travellers often approach all-inclusive offers with caution, aware of the hidden costs and extra charges which tot up over the duration of the getaway. Float the world’s rivers with Scenic however, and you needn’t worry over additional expenses. To us, all-inclusive means all is included — from simple things like food and drink, to the little luxuries you’d typically pay for. This simple approach incorporates everything into the final price, offering complete transparency and peace of mind from the moment you book.

To alleviate any scepticism surrounding our all-inclusive service, here we provide a breakdown of exactly what’s included on a luxury Scenic river cruise.

Dining & Beverages

Combining fresh, casual fare with the culinary decadence of fine dining, you’ll enjoy a roster of exquisite eats prepared mid voyage by our team of skilled chefs. Each dish takes inspiration from the region you’re floating through, affording the perfect accompaniment to a voyage of cultural discovery.

In terms of liquid refreshment, we offer a broad choice of complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages — including a handpicked selection of fine wines and spirits. Drinks can be enjoyed in a number of venues on board, or of course from the comfort of your cabin.

Such is the inclusiveness of our dining and beverages offering, we even provide bottles of water to take on excursions — helping you to reap the benefits of ultra all-inclusivity on water and land.

Enrich & Freechoice

Exclusive touches handpicked for your personal enjoyment are what make our luxury river cruises extra special. Adding another dimension to your cruise experience at no extra cost, our Enrich and Freechoice programmes feature a wealth of once-in-a-lifetime events, each chosen to provide an immersive experience and help you engage more deeply with local cultures.

At Scenic, our expert Journey Designers work tirelessly to create a selection of unique experiences not habitually enjoyed by the masses. This lends our Enrich and Freechoice events complete exclusivity, and at no additional cost to you. From classical concerts in age-old palaces, to gastronomic happenings amid stunning pockets of countryside, our select excursions provide incredible moments you’ll savour for a lifetime.


Dedicated to helping each of our guests enjoy a journey like no other, we go to the Nth degree to ensure each and every moment is distinctive and extraordinary — even when you’re spending time ashore. Available in over 140 locations across Europe, our Tailormade GPS programme allows you to explore a destination to its very core. Using guided touring technology you can easily visit the sights you want to see, before returning to your Space-Ship without once glancing at a map. We even carry a range of innovative e-bikes which are completely free to use — providing the perfect way to navigate far-flung destinations. 


Complete relaxation and comfort comes easy aboard a Scenic Space-Ship, and that’s all thanks to our butlers. From the moment you step aboard you’ll be assigned your own personal butler, on hand throughout the day to make your time aboard that extra special. Each Scenic butler receives expert training at the distinguished Butler Academy, so you can look forward to the upmost in professional and attentive service during your luxury getaway.

Scenic Space-Ships

Designed exclusively for use on Europe’s waterways, Scenic’s fleet of illustrious Space-Ships are beautifully crafted inside and out to provide the perfect setting for a luxury voyage. Combining innovative technologies with timeless interior detailing, each of our beloved ships is brimming with services, facilities and amenities for you to savour — be it the Sun Deck, spa or your own spacious cabin.

Speaking of which, our vessels boast the most spacious suites on the river, so you’re guaranteed a comfortable and luxurious stay no matter what your cabin class. Each suite marries space with innovative features, including the Scenic Sun Lounge, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a luxury suite at no extra cost.

If you’re ready and willing to book a place aboard a Scenic luxury river cruise, visit our homepage to browse our handpicked selection of itineraries or call us today on 0808 159 7989. 


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