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Money, Tipping & Shopping

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Q. What currency will I need to take?

 A. Most countries visited in Europe will use the Euro although some still have their own local currency (eg. Scandinavia, Switzerland, Russia & Baltic States). For small purchases ashore or in small towns, local currency is advantageous.

Q. Are credit cards accepted?

A. Major credit cards, including Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa and American Express, are accepted in all countries in major shops, hotels and restaurants. Please note that some shops and restaurants require a minimum purchase amount when using a credit card. 

Q. Are ATM machines available?

ATM machines are located onshore at some stops. Prior to departure you should confirm your ATM card and PIN will work overseas.

Q. How can I pay for purchases on board?

A. All purchases on board are charged to your shipboard account. The on board currency on river cruise ships is the Euro. Shipboard accounts may be paid by Euro or credit card. The on board currency on Russian river cruise ship is the Rouble, however shipboard accounts may only be paid by credit card.

Q. Is it easy to exchange cash?

A. You will be able to exchange cash or traveller's cheques at hotels, banks or exchange bureaus. You can also exchange small amounts of currency on board, for a fee.

Q. Does Scenic cover tipping and gratuities?

Yes, tipping and gratuities for all drivers, local guides, porters, and waiting staff are included in the price of your holiday.

Please note: tipping is NOT included for meals, drinks, taxis and transfers not included as part of your itinerary. As a general guide, tip 10-15% of the fare on a taxi meter. We recommend you pre-negotiate taxi fares. In restaurants, tip 10-15% of the bill, unless a service charge has already been added.

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