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River and City Guides

Discover a selection of the destinations visited on our luxury cruises.

Choose to negotiate the world’s waterways aboard a Scenic Space-Ship, and expect invigorating cultural experiences around every placid meander. From Europe to the Orient, our luxury river cruise vessels will transport you to an exceptional array of destinations, each chosen for its unforgettable beauty, heritage, and culture...

No matter what your travel predilections, a Scenic river cruise affords a truly immersive experience. We invest great time and effort into creating each of our handpicked itineraries, and want you to make the most of every passing minute aboard your selected Space-Ship — no matter where you are in the world.  

Taking you beyond the expected, our guides introduce you Europe’s hidden gems and closely guarded wonders.

Each guide features a handful of unmissable cultural highlights ranging from galleries and museums, to historic heritage sites with a unique story to tell. Our experience in offering luxury cruises across Europe has given us unrivalled knowledge of the continent’s towns, cities and rivers — and you can feel the benefit of our expertise through our river and city guides.

Savour the opulent architecture of Amsterdam’s Portuguese Synagogue, or swot up on contemporary art at the city’s prestigious Foam Museum. Gaze in wonder at the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg, or sip elderberry schnapps on the banks of the Salzach. Soak your cares away in Budapest’s Veli Bej Turkish bath, or pay a visit to Memento Park, where relics from Hungary’s communist past still reside. These are but a handful of the incredible cultural highlights you can experience in our travel guides and across the majestic waters of Europe. 

Thus, we’ve created a series of in-depth destination guides, offering guidance on what to see and do during each port call on your river cruise. From historic cultural highlights to a shortlist of tempting retail opportunities, each guide is teeming with tips and advice you can use during your Scenic river cruise.