The Scenic Brexit Assurance

We’re committed to helping you enjoy the perfect European river cruise and want you to feel at ease from the moment you book, despite the uncertainty you may feel about post-Brexit travelling. We’ve created The Scenic Brexit Assurance to dispel any concerns you may have about how leaving the EU could affect your holiday. 

scenic brexit assurance

 scenic brexit assurance

Now that we are officially leaving the EU on 31 January you can continue your holiday plans in complete confidence, with the knowledge that your Scenic holiday will be unaffected. The Scenic Brexit Assurance offers peace of mind by guaranteeing no price increases, or surcharges/ supplements to any part of your holiday, regardless of any fuel or currency increases that may arise from leaving the EU, if you book before the 31 December 2020. Nothing will affect the price you pay for your holiday, and you’ll enjoy the same exceptional 5-star all-inclusive service. 

The Scenic Brexit Assurance guarantees:

No price increases, no surcharges or supplements after we leave the European Union

Scenic’s truly All-Inclusive philosophy, where even the things you’d expect to pay extra for are included in the price

Scenic Club – our much-loved loyalty programme that rewards repeat travellers

Complete financial protection, provided by ABTA, ATOL and IATA

Learn more about The Scenic Brexit Assurance from our Director of Sales, Joseph Grimley, in the video below.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive at ABTA has advised that the European Commission has extended the deadline in their contingency legislation.

UK airlines will still be able to operate flights between the UK and the EU until at least 24 October 2020 after the European Commission extended the deadline in their unilateral contingency legislation. He said: ‘This legislation was originally passed as a contingency measure in the event of a no-deal scenario, an extension until at least October 2020 will give customers much needed confidence in making their travel plans’.

All-Inclusive Promise
Travelling Europe with Scenic has always been exceptional, and Brexit won’t change that. We’ve spent over three decades refining our all-inclusive service, giving our guests an unprecedented level of luxury, comfort and inclusions on Europe’s waterways.

This all-inclusive promise means you don’t have to worry about price rises after 31 January 2020 when we leave the EU, and beyond. With everything from flights from a choice of up to 15 UK airports, and transfers to all-inclusive dining, premium branded beverages throughout your cruise, daily excursions and special Scenic Enrich experiences included, you won’t pay a penny more during your holiday. When you book before 31 December 2020, the price you pay when you book is all you’ll ever need to pay. That’s a promise.

Scenic Brexit Assurance
The Scenic Difference
scenic brexit assurance
Scenic offer you only the finest most luxurious experiences on board and on shore, and they’re all included – that’s the Scenic Difference. All the luxuries that you’d expect to pay extra for are included in the one price you pay, from all return flights, transfers and tips to every meal, premium branded beverage and all tips, taxes and port charges. You don’t need to worry about a single thing - you could even leave your wallet at home. 
Scenic Club

Not only will you experience a world of wonder when travelling with us, you’ll also receive special privileges as a member of Scenic Club. Our loyalty programme rewards you for repeat bookings, helping you enjoy a collection of exclusive perks that can further enhance your holiday – from private transfers to a £100 Welcome Home Voucher. Just another reason why you should join us on the rivers of Europe.

This is just one reason why we continue to enjoy strong year-on-year sales growth in repeat bookings, and ongoing loyalty from repeat customers.

scenic brexit assurance

scenic brexit assurance


“We constantly talk to our customers and know their concerns around travel with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. It’s important to us to address those fears and ensure them complete peace of mind by emphasising our promise of no price increase after booking even after we have left the European Union. That means no increase on any of our cruise holidays and includes flights, transfers, dining and excursion costs. Book a cruise with Scenic and you won’t be hit by any additional costs just the same exceptional quality and value with our all-inclusive packages and the reassurance to be able to enjoy your holiday.”

Colin Downing, Managing Director UK, Scenic Group

A Global Presence for Your Peace of Mind

Scenic is a global brand. We have offices from the UK to Australia, and partner with businesses and suppliers across the world. That means that whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, your holiday is safe, and we have you covered.

As a member of ABTA, we adhere to the highest standards of service and want our customers to feel confident and reassured when they book their holiday with us. ABTA will continue to support UK travellers after 31 January and beyond.

Scenic brexit assurance
Your Questions Answered
We understand that you may have questions about how Brexit could affect your holiday. To help put you at ease, we’ve answered a few common queries below.

Will I need to pay any more for my Scenic holiday after 31 January 2020?

No, you’ll pay nothing more for your holiday other than the total price advertised online or in our brochure. What’s more, you can even take advantage of additional savings in our seasonal campaigns. Our all-inclusive promise guarantees no nasty surprises, before or after Brexit.

No, you’ll pay nothing more for your holiday other than the total price advertised online or in our brochure. What’s more, you can even take advantage of additional savings in our seasonal campaigns. Our all-inclusive promise guarantees no nasty surprises, before or after Brexit.

Will I need a visa to enter Europe post Brexit? (Visa Information Update - Thursday 4 April 2019)

The European Parliament has approved legal changes, ensuring that UK citizens will not need a visa to travel to the EU for short stays of up to 90 days within a 180 day period following Brexit, even in the event of a no-deal exit on the 31 January 2020.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA – The Travel Association said:

“This provides absolute certainty that UK holidaymakers and business travellers will be able to travel visa-free to Europe, deal or no deal.”

“It follows on from the confirmation that flights will continue to operate, even in a no deal. This means that two of the most important concerns for UK tourists and business travellers visiting the EU have been addressed and will provide a further boost to confidence about travel to the EU after Brexit.”

Will Brexit affect flights to and from my destination of departure?

We believe that Brexit won’t affect scheduled flights. On 8th March the UK Government announced an agreement confirming EU airlines will be able to continue operating flight between the UK and the EU, even in the event of a no deal. However, should there be any changes after 31 January 2020, we’ll do everything we can to make sure this doesn’t disrupt your travel plans. If you’re worried about flying post-Brexit, you might consider one of our no-fly options.

Could Brexit affect the quality of my Scenic river cruise?

No. Providing guests with exceptional levels of service is at the heart of everything we do, so we’ll make sure your river cruise isn’t affected by Brexit in any way. We pride ourselves on providing our guests the very finest local cuisine, premium branded beverages and best in class excursions and experiences, so you can look forward to the same 5-star luxury for which we are renowned.

The Scenic Brexit Assurance Whitepaper

scenic brexit assurance

Click the link below to take a look through our Brexit Assurance Whitepaper

We’ve created a Whitepaper to dispel any concerns you may have about how leaving the EU could affect your holiday.

Read the Whitepaper now

We guarantee no price increase or surcharges on our advertised Scenic cruise or tour prices when booked before 31 January 2020. We reserve the right to withdraw our offers at any time. Standard Terms and conditions apply.