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Allowing you to explore independently, our exclusive Scenic Tailormade programme affords the ultimate in freedom, choice and flexibility during your journey on the continent’s fabled waters.

Customising your entire luxury river journey couldn’t be simpler thanks to Scenic Tailormade. Whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group, our exclusive Tailormade GPS touring devices make it incredibly easy for you to customise your cruise to adhere to your personal travel inclinations, both on board and onshore.

At Scenic, we recognise that our guests want different things from their trip on Europe’s enchanting passageways. That’s why we introduced Tailormade to ensure that no two itineraries have to be the same. Whether you follow the crowd or steer your own course, you can do so in complete safety and comfort thanks to Scenic Tailormade.

A Scenic Tailormade device

A Tailormade Escape

From the moment you set foot aboard your luxury Scenic Space-Ship, you’ll have access to your very own personal Tailormade GPS device. Acting as a private guide throughout your journey, this state-of-the-art device lets you navigate Europe’s famous cities and towns with complete ease — helping you negotiate winding city streets at the touch of a button. 

Our exclusive Tailormade touring devices also feature an interactive map and commentary function, so you can find out more about the destinations you’re passing as you float gently downstream. This commentary functionality can also be useful when partaking in tour-guide led outings, allowing you to tune in to the guide’s microphone and hear them clearly, no matter where you’re standing.

A couple on the deck of a Scenic Ship

Tailored Travel Made Easy

Providing total flexibility, no matter where you plan to venture in pastures new, our Tailormade concept affords effortless travel in over 140 destinations across Europe. The GPS device is preloaded with over 240 tour options, so you can take in as much or as little as you like. What’s more, the device can be mounted onto the handlebars of our complimentary e-bikes, allowing you to tour Europe’s exquisite cities in style.

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