14 Feb 2024

Cruising with Susan Calman

Susan Calman in Antarctica with Scenic Eclipse Susan Calman in Antarctica with Scenic Eclipse

Antarctica: The gift that keeps on giving, with Susan Calman

We’re delighted to have welcomed much-loved comedian Susan Calman on board Scenic Eclipse as part of season three of her hit television show, Cruising with Susan Calman. An intrepid explorer and cruise enthusiast, two exhilarating episodes documented her adventure as she followed in the footsteps of pioneering explorers on our most popular expedition voyage, Antarctica in Depth – all while enjoying 6-star truly all-inclusive ultra-luxury on board our groundbreaking Discovery Yacht.

A whistle-stop tour of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, provides a contrasting setting to her imminent icy adventure, where Susan’s endless enthusiasm to familiarise herself with the inner workings of the country’s culture is showcased during a spontaneous tango lesson in the street and a tasting of the much-loved Yerba Mate with a local expert.

A two-hour flight and coach ride through the Andes delivered the Glaswegian to the heart of Tierra del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia – located on the southernmost tip of South America and home to the ‘Post Office at the End of the World’, where seafarers would send their final letters before embarking on their expeditions. It was in Ushuaia that she caught her first glimpse of Scenic Eclipse as she docked in the city’s harbour – the most spectacular of starting points for what was to be a truly mesmerising experience for her.

Susan became one of a very small group to have ever completed the crossing of the Drake Passage, such a feat made possible by Scenic Eclipse’s state-of-the-art technology. And, upon reaching the Great White Continent, viewers were treated to her wonderfully raw reaction to this colossal natural spectacle. In episode one, we saw her embark a Zodiac, accompanied by members of our Discovery Team, to witness the penguin colony of Astrolabe Island. The joy of these birds navigating their very own pathways is a simply magnificent insight into how wildlife adapts to such unique conditions, and an expert narration from those who know best made it all the more magical.
Enjoy a multitude of emotions as she takes to the skies in one of two Scenic helicopters, taking off from the ship for a ‘reccy’ with the pilot, and making a spectacular landing back on the vessel while it’s in motion. Stepping onshore to Deception Island – part of the South Shetland Islands – she learns all about the whaling industry from a fascinating Discovery Team member, Gerard, who touches on the thought-provoking lessons humans have learnt about the preservation of the environment and its ecosystem as a result.

“We need you to be ambassadors for what we have here. Someone needs to speak up for Antarctica and by bringing you here and having this impact on you, that’s the message that you can transmit to the rest of the world.”
– Gerard Baker, historian and Scenic Discovery Team leader

Every day leaves her wanting more, and never is she disappointed. From sharing the shore with a couple of penguins to conversations full of invaluable learnings that leave a lasting impression.

“Only by looking at what we’ve done in the past, can we learn and change things for the future. And for a place that was so devasting to the natural environment, to see it recovering warms my heart.”
– Susan Calman

Episode two will air Friday 16 February at 8pm on Channel5
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Worldwide Discovery Voyages 2024/2025 Brochure

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