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The World's First Discovery Yacht

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Climb on board Scenic Eclipse, and get set for the trip of a lifetime. The product of thirty years of innovation, passion and curiosity, Scenic Eclipse was born out of a will to go beyond the expected, shipping guests across the world’s oceans in search of new landscapes and cultures — and all in absolute luxury.

The world’s first Discovery Yacht isn’t concerned with getting from A to B as quickly as possible. It takes the scenic route, venturing off the customary trail. From the Arctic to Antarctica, the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and everywhere in between; you’ll discover a whole new world with Scenic Eclipse.

All-Inclusive Luxury

Ocean travel doesn’t get more luxurious and elegant than with a voyage aboard Scenic Eclipse. Every facet of the ship has been meticulously crafted to offer the utmost in comfort and luxury, whilst affording you ample opportunity for discovery and adventure.

From its beautifully appointed spa and fitness suite, to its spacious lounges, bars and outdoor terraces, every area of the ship is catered to your comfort and enjoyment. As for our all-inclusive service; it’s easily the most flexible on the seas, with everything you could ever wish included in the total price of your cruise — from food and drink, to exclusive excursions, bottled water and even a 24-hour private butler service.

Boundless Discovery

Attentively designed and crafted, Scenic Eclipse affords endless opportunity for off-ship exploration no matter where you are in the world — be it the towering glaciers of Antarctica or the tropical cape of South America. The ship benefits from intimate proportions that allow it to glide effortlessly into small ports and waterways where others simply couldn’t follow, affording guests access to a wealth of authentic experiences not enjoyed by the masses.

On top of this, Scenic Eclipse boasts a number of additional vehicles, allowing guests to spread their wings and gain access to scarcely experienced natural wonders. These include two helicopters, two submarines, a fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks, and of course, our much loved e-bikes.

Safety and Refinement

Never has a ship being as fastidiously designed and tested as Scenic Eclipse. Able to withstand even the most inhospitable of elements, our discovery yacht benefits from a number of technological advancements which make it the most innovative, cutting-edge discovery yacht on the high seas. This is all thanks to a number of pioneering internal safety features, as well as the very finest in dynamic positioning systems, which allow the vessel to negotiate choppy seas with minimal impact upon our guests.


From the tip of the world to the pristine raw beauty of Antarctica and everything in between, Scenic Eclipse's maiden voyage calendar is sure to include a destination you've always longed to visit. 

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Luxury Suites

From the moment you step on board you will be surrounded by unparalleled luxury. From opulent suites and 5-star on board amenities, to attentive service and world-class cuisine; your every wish is granted on Scenic Eclipse. Akin to the finest hotels in the world, your time on board will be one of the greatest luxury experiences you’ll ever have.

All-Inclusive Luxury

Scenic Eclipse takes ocean cruising to a whole new level of luxury and elegance. Your time on board will be one of world-class indulgence and absolute discovery. From the ultimate spa experience to the spacious lounges and bars, outdoor terraces, pool and jacuzzis, not to mention the theatre and of course your own private verandah, the luxurious wonders on board Scenic Eclipse never cease.


Scenic Eclipse lets you go beyond the horizon. From local tours to Zodiac, kayak, snorkeling, scuba diving, helicopter and submarine excursions, guests can enjoy exclusive access to locations larger ships can't reach. Experience unique moments that showcase natural spectacles, superior hospitality and the wonders of the world.

You're In Safe Hands

From the first ocean-going vessels thousands of years ago, the quest to design and build even better yachts that could withstand the elements has been ongoing. Scenic has taken all that experience and built the safest, most technologically advanced discovery yacht in the world. Featuring world-class internal safety features, the very best in dynamic positioning and a high polar rating, even the roughest of ocean stretches will have minimal impact on our guests.

Discover more about the luxury refinement and enviable features of Scenic Eclipse by downloading our online brochure, or by calling our helpful team on 0808 274 3965.