5 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Australia and New Zealand

Whether it’s tranquillity you look for, or a beach bustling with life is more your thing, Australian and Kiwi shores offer something for everyone, complete with white sands, crystal clear waters, and sun-kissed horizons.

With tens of thousands of beaches lining their coasts, narrowing down the best of Australia and New Zealand’s sands can be tricky. We’ve made things a little bit easier by highlighting five of the most stunning beaches for you to delight in during your time down under.

Wineglass Bay, Hobart

wineglass bay

Part of the Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay is set amongst some of Tasmania’s most beautiful scenery. Wineglass Bay itself is a beautiful crescent of dazzling white sand, surrounding peaceful waters and backed by granite peaks. Routinely voted amongst the world’s 10 most stunning beaches, Wineglass Bay is as striking as it is enchantingly peaceful.

The Freycinet Peninsula is positioned close to Tasmania’s charming capital, Hobart, and is a favourite of locals looking to indulge in a little paradise relaxation. Exquisite eateries, incredible fishing spots and amazing walks are all available around Wineglass Bay – making it a huge favourite for visitors.

And best for couples? Wineglass Bay is perhaps the most romantic strolling route in Australia.

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Koekohe Beach, Otago Coast

Moeraki boulders

Koekohe Beach has earned admiration from all four corners of the globe, thanks to the striking Moeraki Boulders which sit peacefully on the sands. The large boulders provide an enchanting sight for locals and visitors alike, and are an important part of Māori heritage.

Māori legend has it that the boulders were washed ashore from the wreck of Āraiteuru, the large canoe which brought their ancestors to New Zealand’s South Island. Today, they remain sacred to the Māori people, and are hugely popular with visitors to this beautiful beach.  

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Karekare Beach, Auckland

Karekare beach in New Zealand

With black sand beaches and a rocky peak set off the beach out to sea, Karekare Beach is a uniquely beautiful wonder which has captured the attention of New Zealand’s finest painters. Located on Auckland’s west coast, Karekare is perhaps best viewed at dusk, with the sun setting beyond the horizon.

And the beach doesn’t just offer supreme beauty, it is also recognised as a surfer’s paradise and a hiker’s dream. If you’re a fan of the latter, be sure to head to Karekare Waterfall, just a short walk from the beach – one of New Zealand’s finest photo op spots.

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Ninety Mile Beach, North Island

Northland sand beach near Cape Reinga New Zealand

Despite its name, this amazing stretch of coast measures in at 50 miles in length. Located on New Zealand’s North Island, this incredible beach provides plenty of opportunity for escapism – whether you’re most interested in dipping your toes or taking a romantic stroll.

With so much sand and sea set out in front of you, the glistening sun reflects in majestic ways, offering unique views and beautiful backdrops from every angle.

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Rottnest Island, Perth

Rottnest Island beach, Western Australia

At the start of our Grand Australia tour, you’ll spend three days in Perth – the perfect opportunity to head out to Rottnest Island, and enjoy the stunning beaches. Crystal-clear waters, alluring white sands and coves just built for snorkelling make up these sandy stretches and rocky coves.

Whatever time of day, whatever time of year – you’ll be able to find a secluded, quiet and private stretch of beach to enjoy.

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If this showcase of some of Australia and New Zealand’s finest beaches has set your wanderlust a-flutter, please visit our dedicated itinerary page, here, or for booking information, call our helpful sales team on 0808 274 1366.

Dominic Keely
Dominic Keely
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