Europe receives more British Visitors

Europe is seeing a rise in tourists from the UK and this trend looks set to continue with Britons opting for holidays to the continent over staycations. According to the Office for National Statistics, Europe has seen a rise of almost 1 million British tourists since 2010, with 29.6 million of them visiting European countries last year. Other figures also have seen a drop in holidays to far away overseas destinations such as the USA. The reasoning behind this appears to be that not only is the euro weakening, but Europe is presenting itself as an affordable holiday destination that has plenty of new cultural experiences to rival a more exotic destination. These figures reconfirm Europe as a great holiday destination, a continent that is made up of countries with vastly different new cultural experiences. Head to our website and take a look at our river cruises in Europe to see what intriguing countries and cities you could see on your next holiday. Image credit: Images of Money (