Experience a Once-in-a-Lifetime Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht Voyage in the Arctic

Polar bears, towering glaciers, dramatic fjords and the midnight sun – these are just some of the natural wonders that an Arctic cruise brings to your mind. When you travel on Scenic Eclipse, you will be taken beyond the horizon to experience incredible moments of exploration unavailable to the ordinary traveller. Embark on unforgettable discovery excursions, led by our 16-member Discovery Team of experts. From sailing past majestic icescapes to witnessing the iconic wildlife up close, here are some of the highlights you can look forward to on a Scenic Eclipse Arctic expedition cruise. 

The World’s First Discovery Yacht™: Purpose built for Arctic waters

With a rating of Polar Class 6, the highest of any luxury vessel, Scenic Eclipse has been specifically built to ensure the safest navigation through the Arctic Ocean. Due to the yacht’s sleek and compact design, Scenic Eclipse can access many small ports and landing sites. You’ll have unique access to regions many other travellers are unable to reach in larger vessels. What’s more, with a maximum of just 200 guests on board, disembarking is a much smoother and faster process, allowing you the time to explore each destination for longer, with an intimate group of like-minded travellers. 

Awe-inspiring views from every location

From the sea to the skies, a discovery voyage to the Arctic region offers some of the most splendid views on the planet. When you cruise on board Scenic Eclipse, you will be able to witness the incredible landscapes unfolding from every part of the yacht. Toast to the passing icescapes with a glass of Champagne as you relax at the outdoor Yacht Club, or share a romantic evening on your luxurious suite’s private balcony as you watch the wondrous phenomenon of the midnight sun. The many outdoor lounges and terraces will ensure you never miss a viewing moment. Your suite is also equipped with a pair of binoculars and the Observation Lounge has state-of-the-art Swarovski telescopes, so that you can get closer to the scenery and wildlife, without even leaving the Discovery Yacht.

Experiencing the Arctic way of life through discovery excursions

Our in-depth range of Scenic Discovery excursions is where Scenic Eclipse really excels in the polar regions. Discover what lies beneath the icy waters of Greenland in the on board submarine^, Scenic Neptune, or look into the craters of Iceland’s volcanoes from above as you fly over in one of two on board helicopters^. 
You can also join daily shore excursions in our fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks, or experience a more active excursion with the complimentary on board snowshoes and stand-up paddleboards. Our expert Discovery Team leaders will guide you every step of the way, sharing tales of each region’s rich history and ecology. Our comprehensive program of all-inclusive Scenic Freechoice program has activities to suit all paces and interests. As you discover spectacular new wonders around every corner, your complimentary expedition parka and special polar boots will ensure you are warm and comfortable throughout your exploration. There is really no better way to experience the Arctic. 
“Arriving at Eric the Red’s village in Greenland was the first-time in 2019, we were scheduled to run all discovery activities at once – including kayaking, helicopter flights, submarine dives, tours and guided hikes. At the end of the day, as the last kayak and Zodiacs returned to Scenic Eclipse, we knew that we had set the benchmark, creating exceptional experiences for our guests on water, land and in the air.”

- Jason Flesher, Expedition Operations Manager

Gain insights from our expert Discovery Team

On your discovery voyage, our professional subject matter experts – Scenic Eclipse’s exceptional 16-member Discovery Team – will accompany you and reveal the hidden wonders of the Arctic, while providing a wealth of information on the sites. Ornithologist and Naturalist, Vickie Heaney, has been guiding groups across the region for over 5 years and will share her professional knowledge and enthusiasm for Arctic marine and land birds. Discovery Leader, Historian, Naturalist and Zodiac Driver, Terence Christian, has been guiding groups through the Arctic for over 8 years and will share stories of the region’s proud Viking heritage. Assistant Discovery Leader, Geologist, Glaciologist, Naturalist and Zodiac Driver, Jonathan Fuhrmann, will provide in-depth information about the region’s glaciers. 

Glorious landscapes, majestic wildlife and intriguing cultures

The northern polar region is home to a range of extraordinary natural wonders, explored only by a select few. Discover the vast spectacular landscapes of Iceland, learn about the fascinating Inuit culture of Greenland and be mesmerised by the magnificent wildlife, including polar bears, in Norway. 

In Iceland, on your Scenic Eclipse shore excursions you can sample delicious Icelandic foods, hike over the volcanic lava fields, explore glacial landscapes and cross the Arctic Circle. A land that features many active volcanoes and steaming hot springs, as well as snow-capped peaks and gushing waterfalls, Iceland is a land of surprises best explored with our Discovery Yacht. 

In Norway, the dramatic Norwegian fjords will enchant you; Scenic Eclipse can expertly manoeuvre past the snow-capped mountains, letting you see these incredible scenes up close. To enjoy this stunning scenery from a different perspective, take an included Scenic Freechoice ride on board Flåm Railway, indisputably one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. Explore beyond the horizon through kayaks, Zodiacs, e-bikes and nature walks with your Discovery Leader. In Svalbard, keep your binoculars ready as you enjoy the superb wildlife views around this remote region. From Arctic foxes to polar bears, and whales to seabirds, Scenic Eclipse will bring Arctic wildlife closer than ever. 

Explore the world’s largest island (Greenland) and visit Ittoqqortoormiit, the most remote inhabited community in the Western Hemisphere. This is a rare chance to visit this isolated community, which is home to less than 500 settlers. Immerse yourself in the fascinating Inuit culture and traditions, as you wander past their pastel-coloured chocolate-box houses. 

With Scenic Enrich, you will be treated to a private Icelandic culture and folklore performance in Heimaey, whilst an exclusive Norwegian folk song performance inside Tromsø’s elegant Arctic Cathedral is sure to create memories to cherish a lifetime.
“Known for its magnificent glaciers, granite cliffs and soaring mountains, Prins Christiansund is a highlight from any angle when voyaging in and around majestic Greenland. Scenic Eclipse guests were able to take this experience to the next level with the opportunity to soar above the region on one of our on board helicopters.”

- Jason Flesher, Expedition Operations Manager

Bringing the Arctic on board with Nordic wellbeing and dining

After a day of exhilarating on shore discovery excursions, you can look forward to returning to the Discovery Yacht and relaxing in ultra-luxury. Indulge in the ancient art of Nordic bathing in our Scandinavian-inspired plunge pools and saunas. Dip in and out of the temperature-controlled pools and complete the Nordic experience at our specialist experience showers. You can also book yourself a rejuvenating treatment# at Scenic Eclipse’s Senses Spa – 550 square metres of pure indulgence.

Enjoy some of the finest Arctic and globally-inspired cuisines with up to 10 on board dining experiences, complemented by unlimited included beverages*. Our expert chefs draw inspiration from the destinations we cruise through and use fresh, seasonal, locally sourced produce to create exquisite cuisine. From the exclusive Chef’s Table to relaxed café-style venues and in-suite dining, there is something for everyone.
“When curating the menus on Scenic Eclipse, I take inspiration from the countries and regions we sail through; this often leads me to discover flavours and dishes I have never tried before. When we launched Scenic Eclipse in 2019, one of the first regions we visited was the Nordics and it reminded me of a very special dish I had made years ago. You cook seafood in beer, fennel and caraway seeds, which may sound crazy because you lightly ferment the stock, but the outcome of the flavours is amazing!”

- Tom Götter, Executive Chef

Your Arctic Discovery Voyage with Scenic Eclipse

Start your next adventure today with a 6-star luxury Arctic discovery voyage with Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yacht™. Your voyage will be one of truly all-inclusive luxury and incredible exploration. Learn more about our collection of Arctic cruises and prepare to venture beyond the horizon to witness some of Planet Earth’s most spectacular scenery. 

^At additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions. *All drinks on board are included except for a very small number of rare, fine and vintage wines, Champagnes and spirits. #Additional charge