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Fictional Budapest hotel rated on TripAdvisor

Although some may go looking for the hotel whilst visiting Budapest on a luxury cruise!

“Feels like a Movie”

The hotel establishment from ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ was described as “Singularly charming!” and “Gorgeous” by some users, with others going into great detail about the “smell of Mendl’s baked goods” and their disappointment at arriving to the lobby boy having a snooze at the desk whilst smoking.

One user, creator_hun, commented that “The building inside and outside felt like a set for a movie and the staff also behaved like characters from a sweet fairy-tale”, whilst Wendy J referred to the police raid and gun fight from the film. Her review said, “The only negative thing I can say is that there seemed to be several military men in and out of the lobby at different times. Almost as though they were casing the joint. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.”

Click here to check out The Grand Budapest Hotel’s TripAdvisor page to read more of these entirely fictitious reviews.

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