In the Know: Dining in Style with Scenic

Taking inspiration from the destinations we visit, our gastronomic offering is one of the most diverse and exciting of any major river cruise line. Each of our 5-star luxury Space-Ships features a team of talented chefs tasked with producing only the finest locally-sourced cuisine, bringing you an accomplished roster of flavours that promise to appease even the most fastidious of palates.

As part of our In the Know series, today we’ll be covering the multitude of dining options available to you as a Scenic guest, as well as going into further detail about the variety of dining experiences available on board. We want to showcase our complete food and dining offering to you, to give you but a taste of the incredible cuisine to be enjoyed during your time with us.

Endless Options for Complete Culinary Satisfaction

Belying the intimate proportions of our luxury river cruise vessels; each of our Space-Ships boasts a handful of individual eateries, providing you with ample choice when deciding upon a venue in which to dine — no matter the occasion or time of day.

From a heartily appointed breakfast buffet to the very finest degustation dining, the variety and scope of our gourmet cuisine puts even the largest of ocean cruise liners to shame. Our chefs work tirelessly to bring you a menu of fresh, seasonal dishes that are perfectly attuned to the region in question, providing you with an authentic and faithful taste of the local cuisine.

Crystal Dining

The culinary hub of the Scenic Space-Ship fleet; Crystal Dining is our main restaurant, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner amid luxurious and contemporary surroundings. Enclosed in panoramic windows which offer stunning views of the passing banks, Crystal Dining is a stimulating venue in which to enjoy a satisfying buffet breakfast or light lunch, as well as a wide variety of evening meals. Whether you choose to dine from the buffet or order a dish from the menu, we never forfeit flavour and quality in favour of convenience.

River Café

For casual dining at its best, the River Café and Riverview Terrace provide light lunches and healthy options throughout the day. Perfect for those venturing forth on an imminent excursion, or else hitting the fitness suite and watching the waistline, the River Café serves up a delicious selection of fresh, healthy eats that are perfect for seeing you through until dinner without over-indulging.

Portobellos and L’Amour

Restaurants L’Amour and Portobellos are interchangeably available on every ship in the Scenic fleet, depending on the province where your ship is currently cruising. Regardless of which is available during your cruise, expect only the finest cuisine with a notable French (L’Amour) and Italian (Portobellos) flavour.

Seating just thirty guests per evening, these exclusive speciality restaurants offer the very best cuisine paired expertly with our finest wines. Each guest will be given the opportunity to experience this five-course dining experience at least once during their cruise, and we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity.

Table La Rive

Encapsulating the illustrious spirit of a Scenic river cruise in one exceptional dining experience, Table La Rive is the epitome of fine dining, and is exclusively available to Diamond Deck guests and those staying in Junior Suites.

Spanning six perfectly executed courses, the gourmet menu offered at Table La Rive is meticulously crafted by our executive chefs to provide the absolute pinnacle in palate-pleasing gastronomy. Everything from the food to the finishing touches exudes elegance and exclusivity, making an evening at Table La Rive a truly unforgettable experience.

Available by invitation only, the Table La Rive dining experience is the perfect accompaniment to a luxury cruise atop Europe’s waterways. Our expert sommeliers pair a fine wine to each dish, presenting it to you before the course is served. Favourite dishes on the Table La Rive menu include Beetroot Graved Lax with Orange Flavoured Fennel Slaw, Beef Filet with Foie Gras, and Chocolate Cake with Balsamic Cherries and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Tempting Flavours, 24-7

While we’re confident you’ll have your fill of delicious fare during regular meal times, don’t forget, there’s always the option to order a dish of your favourite cuisine direct to your cabin — no matter what the time of day.

This is all thanks to our fully-inclusive, 24/7 private butler service, as well as our expansive room service offering. For no extra charge, you can order everything from a minute steak to a bottle of wine to your room, giving you the freedom to enjoy our exquisite food and drink from the privacy of your balcony, or even your bed.

If you’ve been tempted to book a luxury river cruise upon hearing about our mouth-watering culinary offering, click here to browse the complete range of Scenic river cruises, or call us on 0808 252 5111.

Dominic Keely
Dominic Keely
Dominic is Scenic's Marketing Exec. His favourite river is the Seine, because of the rich history of the region. Dom's a huge football and Manchester United fan, and plays on a team himself.