Prague to host Renaissance master exhibit

Better known in English as Titian, the painter’s great works will be displayed at Prague Castle late next year. Many are planning to travel to Prague on an all-inclusive Europe river cruise to see this widely anticipated exhibition. 

The show, which will be called Tiziano – Vanitas: The Shades of Renaissance Beauty, is set to run from September 2015 to January 2016 in the Castle’s Imperial riding stables.

Experts are predicting the show will include some unique and exciting elements. Curator of the exhibition, and leading expert on Tiziano Vecellio, Lionello Puppi revealed in this article that one of the most exciting features of this show is that different works of the same painting will be able to be viewed side by side.

Early examples and prototypes of some of Titian’s famous works, such as Apollo and Marsyas and Vanitas, will be displayed alongside a number of works from Prague’s National Gallery and the Archdiocese Museum.

The joint curator of the exhibit gave an insightful example of how unique Tiziano Vecellio’s practice of ‘re-working’ his painting was. Unlike any other of the Renaissance masters, Tiziano worked alongside his apprentices in his workshop on the same canvas and therefore “Each is an original. These works strictly shouldn't be attributed to Tiziano but more accurately to Tiziano and workshop”.

The display in Prague of multiple works of the same painting side by side will be the first time any Tiziano exhibit has done so. Although the finalised collection has not been confirmed, works are expected to cover the Venetian master’s favourite subjects: portraits, allegorical subjects, religious themes and landscapes.

Alongside the paintings, there will be multimedia displays where visitors can find out more about each painting and about the life of the master himself.

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