Scenic Eclipse artwork

Scenic Eclipse reveals stunning original artwork collection

Scenic Eclipse artwork

Australian artist Mitch Gobel commissioned to share his passion for life and the environment
Original artworks reflect colour and movement of the ocean

Reflecting its Australian heritage, Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours has secured a series of original artworks from Byron Bay artist, Mitch Gobel, to feature on board Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts.™

Best known for his work in abstract resin, Gobel started experimenting with resin, amongst other materials and his practice has evolved since into a wide variety of mixed media. Three original artworks were commissioned and a selection of 124 prints selected for display in all of the ship’s suites. Scenic Eclipse currently owns the largest collection of Mitch’s work.

”Mitch’s work is a perfect complement to Scenic Eclipse”, said Karen Moroney, Project Director - Design, Scenic Group. “His works are truly beautiful. They reflect the colours and movement of the ocean and exhibit a passion for life and the environment, which is at the very essence of the design of Scenic Eclipse.  

“It was very important to us to include something uniquely and expressly Australian on this ship. Mitch’s work is a true reflection of the incredible talent in this country, and we are incredibly proud to be able to feature his works”, said Mrs Moroney.  

The three main pieces commissioned for Scenic Eclipse are part of The Melt collection – Costeria Amalfitana, Raja Ampat, and The Antarctic Peninsula. 

 “The intention behind these works was to create a collection of art which illustrates a few specific oceanic environments of beauty and natural wealth,” said Mitch. “The artwork pays tribute to what we value from a positive perspective, as a reflection of our love, wonder and appreciation for the natural world.

“These pieces invite you to dive into my perception of three very unique environments which we know are vital to the health, diversity and abundance of life in our oceans. These areas deserve great recognition, and conservation should be at the forefront of our consciousness towards them.”

About the Artist 
“The art is both a practice I know well and a surprising process, continually evolving and in every way unique — the fluidity of the material's present a constant challenge. I aim to create space for the art to be its own creation while simultaneously manipulating and controlling the outcome.
My experience of the art is what I consider to be a spiritual practice, and beyond egoic intervention, I endeavor to create from the heart. It's a reflection of my internal state, a cosmic vision or remembering which I'm doing my best to illustrate and understand. Incorporating a range of mixed media and pouring techniques, I reflect on the complexity of the world around me, inspired by nature, love and the evolution of self.'

Mitch has collaborated with Greenpeace, creating a special piece of resin art to represent their Save the Reef campaign. He also created a piece he called ‘Poseidon, Protector of the Sea’ for the marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd and is an ambassador for the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO), an organisation dedicated to protecting the ancient forests in Gippsland, Victoria from threats such as logging.

Scenic Eclipse has set a new benchmark in luxury expedition ocean cruising suites with 114 luxurious suites across five decks, a sumptuous 550m2 spa sanctuary, up to 10 dining venues, butler service to every suite, a staff to guest ratio of 1:1, and our on board helicopters and submarine offering truly unique discovery experiences.

Scenic Eclipse artwork