Scenic Founder Glen Moroney Reveals the Vision Behind Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse will take to the seas for the first time in August 2018, marking the start of a pioneering new chapter in the world of ultra-luxury ocean cruising. Pairing 6-star luxury and refinement with limitless discovery and exploration, the World’s First Discovery Yacht promises the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. The ship’s launch is certain to be one of the highlights of the 2018 cruise calendar.

With the countdown to Scenic Eclipse underway, we sat down with Scenic founder, Glen Moroney, to find out how the World’s First Discovery Yacht was first conceived, and the overarching vision behind the vessel. For 31 years, Glen has been front and centre at the Scenic helm, expanding the brand from humble origins in Australia to one of the most prestigious names in luxury travel, globally. Scenic Eclipse represents the next chapter in the Scenic story, and reflects Glen’s pioneering and generous approach in sharing the great wonders of the world.

Scenic Eclipse Antarctica

Join us as Glen shares his vision for Scenic Eclipse, discussing the ship’s development, technology, and unique, ground-breaking features. We also chat to Glen about the experiences people can expect on board the Discovery Yacht during its inaugural sailing, and what the future holds for the growing Scenic fleet.

Read the full interview with Scenic founder, Glen Moroney, below.

What sparked the initial idea to develop and launch Scenic Eclipse?

We’ve been chartering ships for our guests to experience Antarctica for some years and I really thought the experience could be enhanced. I’d seen Paul Allen's Discovery Mega Yacht on Sydney Harbour and learned about the submarine and helicopters and the experience that enabled. Scenic Eclipse isn't the first Discovery Yacht... it's really the first Mega Discovery Yacht that you don't have to be a billionaire to sail on... that's been the driving force. To provide Discovery experiences in the world’s most exotic and remote destinations, where few have been able to see before.

Why was it important to you to be the first to launch the World’s First Discovery Yacht?

It wasn't important. It just happened that what we designed hasn't been done on a commercial passenger ship before so by default we became the first...

What most excites you about the build and on board technology?

Scenic Eclipse Mediterranean

I think the inbuilt safety of Polar Class 6 with its super reinforced hull, Azipod drives and the zero speed stabilisers. All these combine for a safe and comfortable cruising experience.

Your wife Karen is the creative force behind the interior design, how closely do you collaborate on ideas and inspire one another?

My part of the design process is the exterior and general layout of the ship. Then Karen takes over and is fully in control of the interior finishing. Her part is by far the most time consuming and detailed. We obviously work closely together but Karen is totally in charge of the interior and only bounces the occasional idea when she's trying something really new.

What does Scenic Eclipse offer that makes it such a unique experience?

Basically everything. It has the highest passenger ship Ice Class, the largest stabilisers fitted to a ship of its size that also work when the ship is stationary, a full complement of discovery equipment including Zodiacs, kayaks and scuba diving essentials, not to mention the helicopter and submarine. Scenic Eclipse also has larger than average suite sizes and more dining options than many of the existing ‘Ultra Luxury’ cruise lines. Scenic Eclipse also boasts a luxurious spa and, of course, our all-inclusive fares mean all dining venues, beverages, land excursions, gratuities on board and off, as well as butler service for every guest, are all included. The only things not included are spa treatments and Helicopter and Submarine excursions.

What drives your passion for the industry?

The same thing that it started with 31 years ago when I sat overlooking the Twelve Apostles on Australia's Great Ocean Road, on a glorious day when the ocean was like a pond and the day warm and sunny with a light cool breeze. It was just magic and bringing those moments to our guests, was and always will be the main driver.

Scenic Eclipse Cruise Vision

What next for the Scenic fleet and the future of cruising?

Well, all I can say is Scenic Eclipse is just the start. More news very soon!

We’d like to thank Glen for sharing his thoughts on Scenic Eclipse, and hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about the vision and development of this pioneering luxury yacht. For more information on Scenic Eclipse and our range of extraordinary ocean cruises, visit our ocean cruising page or call our team today on 0808 231 1576.

Nichola Absalom
Nichola Absalom
Nichola is Scenic’s Head of Marketing with a passion for anything travel related. Overseeing all of the travel portfolio for Scenic in the UK, her long career in the industry has meant she has visited many of the world’s most wonderful countries but says a journey on board Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht will undoubtedly be one of her travel highlights. Her other passion is animals and her little rescue dog makes sure she explores the countryside on her doorstep.