Some of Australia's top food and drink

There are so many iconic Australian things to see and do that people often forget about the dining culture of the country. Australia has a culinary scene which is well worth discovering, and below are listed some of the top Australian food and drink temptations to try.

Australia is well-known for its wine and is gradually becoming one of the most respected wine producers in the world, exporting around 750 million litres of wine a year and drinking over 530 million litres a year. The country has a number of famous wine regions, including Hunter Valley in New South Wales and Margaret River in South Western Australia. In Margaret River there are nearly 5,500 hectares of vineyard and over 138 wineries, with grape varieties evenly split between red and white, and many of these wineries are open to visitors.

There are a number of chocolate specialists in Australia, and some of these complete the whole process from bean to bar, including Haigh's Chocolates in Adelaide and Zokoko in New South Wales. There are also a number of factories across the country, and as well as being home to a number of wineries, Margaret River is also home to a fantastic chocolate factory. Some of Australia's chocolate is award-winning, and The Margaret River Chocolate Company makes everything from handmade truffles to chocolate bath salts.

Australians are famous for their barbecues; the ultimate meal for great weather. As well as making it easy for people to enjoy a barbecue by installing numerous public barbecue sites in parks across the country, Australians have also mastered the art of barbecuing different kinds of meat. During a tour of the country, why not try an emu, kangaroo or crocodile steak? Barbecues also go well with beer, another product which Australia does well. Instead of Foster's, local favourites include Coopers and Tooheys.

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