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The World's Favourite Cocktails Revealed

When it comes to cocktails, a little of what you fancy is no bad thing. From a classic Martini to the popular Margarita, we all have our favourites – but which blends would make the list of the world’s favourite cocktail recipes?

At Scenic, we take cocktails seriously. Like wine and beer, cocktails aren’t just a drink; often, their origins are interlinked with the history of people and place, so much so that, over the decades, they’ve become an integral part of local culture and tradition – offering a refined and authentic taste of the region.If you love cocktails as much as us, join us as we reveal the world’s favourites.

Using the power of Google data, we’ve uncovered the most searched for cocktails in the UK, Europe and across the globe, so you can see how your own cocktail inclinations stack up against the rest of the world.

And, as an added bonus, we’ve included recipes for all the cocktails in our shortlist of UK favourites – perfect for recreating classic combinations when you’re staying at home.


The UK's Most Searched Cocktail

From iconic blends to original new creations, the UK is undoubtedly a nation of cocktail lovers. But which short and long beverages are the nation’s favourite cocktails, and how do you make them?

Find out which cocktail recipes we are searching for the most below – and check each slide for notes on how to make them at home yourself.

So, the Espresso Martini is the UK’s favourite cocktail, with around 90,500 searches every month. Reputedly originating in London in the 1980s, this smooth, dark cocktail is surprisingly refreshing, offering the perfect post-meal pick-me-up. And it seems UK cocktail lovers agree – with the Espresso Martini garnering over 30,000 more monthly searches than its nearest rival, the classic margarita.

What’s perhaps most surprising about the UK’s favourite cocktails is the appearance of Aperol Spritz in the number five spot, ahead of classics like Martini and Bloody Mary. Originating from 1920s Italy, this refreshing blend is the go-to aperitif for a sunny summer’s afternoon, perfectly capturing the ‘la dolce vita’ of the iconic Amalfi Coast. Give it a try in your garden and escape to the glamour of the Italian Riviera.

Europe's Favourite Cocktails

Many of our favourite cocktails here in the UK hail from Europe, but which aperitifs go down easy on the continent? Below, we’ve put together an interactive guide to Europe’s favourite cocktails – explore the map and discover which beverages are best-loved in each country on the continent.

The Aperol Spritz proved to be Europe’s most talked about cocktail, pipping Mojito and Martini to the post as the continent’s favourite blend. This Italian aperitif was the most searched cocktail in 20 European countries, including Germany, France, Norway and Poland.

Here, we take a closer look at the cocktails which came out on top in Europe.

The Rise of the Aperol Spritz

What’s clear from our research into the world’s favourite cocktails is that the Aperol Spritz has risen to become an icon in the making, with a surge in interest for this classic Italian aperitif in recent years. Indeed, online searches for the cocktail have increased by 179% over the past five years, cementing Aperol Spritz as one of our most cherished blends.

Here, we’ve charted the rise of Aperol Spritz over the past five years, with visible annual peaks shown in the summer months.

But while Aperol Spritz is favoured in some 20 European countries, and reminiscent of sunlit evenings on the Italian Riviera, the Mojito, not the Aperol, proved the most popular cocktail on the famous ‘Boot’. Given that the Aperol Spritz originated in Italy, this is interesting, and suggests that that either the Italians aren’t that fond of their unofficial national drink, or that they’re already masters of making them – to the point where there’s very little need to call on Google.

The World's Favorite Cocktails

Having revealed the UK’s favourite cocktails and explored how they differ to Europe, it’s time to take a look at the rest of the world. From the US to Australia, cocktails are beloved the world over, but is there much difference in the aperitifs people drink in all four corners of the globe? Let’s find out.

On the world stage, the Mojito emerged as the most talked about cocktail, being a national favourite in some 60 countries – from Belgium to Croatia, Gabon to Jamaica. And the Aperol Spritz proved almost as popular around the globe, coming in second place on our list.

Elsewhere, a couple of left-field cocktails snuck into the top 10, including the Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil, and the Boilermaker, a beer-based cocktail that’s popular in several African nations. This is surprising, given that some popular cocktails here in the UK didn’t make the list, including the Espresso Martini and the Long Island Iced Tea.

Here’s a look at the 10 most popular cocktails in the world, ranked by the number of countries where they’re most searched.

Do you agree with the rest of the world? Which aperitifs do you prefer? Let us know by joining in the conversation over on the Scenic UK Facebook page.