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Top Seven Enriching Experiences on the Rhine

Home to fairy tale medieval castles, riverside villages, terraced vineyards, and mysterious legends, the Rhine has many stories to tell and enriching experiences to share along its course. Flowing from Switzerland to the North Sea through Austria, France, Germany, Lichtenstein and the Netherlands, it’s now the most beloved river to cruise in Europe with Scenic.
Here, we’ve compiled our top enriching experiences on the Rhine River that previous guests of Scenic have shared with us. Here’s what you can look forward to on a cruise of the Rhine with us:

1. Cruise through the 65km-long Rhine Gorge in Germany

More than 40 castles and fortresses stand guard on hilltops and from the Scenic Sun Deck, you’ll have 360-degree views of both sides of the river, while your handy Scenic Tailormade app will give you insight into what you are seeing at that exact moment. Sip German white wine as you glide past the terraced vineyards clinging to steep hillsides and savour this magical moment of your river cruise.

Sea Deck

2. Hear the legend of Lorelei

You’ll hear of many fairy tales along the Rhine, but none are as famous as the story of Lorelei. This fable tells of a woman who lived in the village of Bacharach, which you will pass by. Rejected by her lover, but fascinating to many local men, the bishop sent her to a convent. En route on passing a cliff, she jumped into the river in desperation and despair. There are many versions of this story, with one telling that Lorelai thereafter haunted the cliff with her long locks flowing down the side. She would sing to the passing ships, enchanting the sailors and luring them to their doom in the waters below. You will witness the statue that marks this area as you cruise by on your Scenic Space-Ship.

3. Explore the German city of Cologne

Cologne is a magical city, and when you visit, you must go and see the famed filigree towers of the cathedral. Steeped in history, Cologne was largely destroyed in WWII, but since then each building has been lovingly restored, and you can explore the quaint cobblestone streets on foot or by e-bike. At Christmas, you’ll find some of the best Christmas markets and the largest Christmas tree in the Rhineland. Why not take a look at our enchanting 8-day Rhine Christmas Markets river cruise, and experience this wonderful place in all of its festive glory?


4. Discover the historic Heidelberg

Unlike many other German cities, Heidelberg emerged almost unscathed from WWII, making it the perfect destination for history buffs. Wander the quaint winding streets of the Old Town and feel as though you’ve taken a step back in times once you’re inside the walls of its medieval castle. It’s hard to describe the romanticism of Heidelberg Castle, Victor Hugo told of its beauty in his writings and William Turner painted the magnificent ruins many time.

5. Take in the views from the Middle Rhine towns of Koblenz and Rüdesheim

Koblenz is an enchanting 2,000-year-old city where the Rhine and Moselle rivers join, and is the gateway to the Rhine Gorge. In Rüdesheim, enjoy some unforgettable included Scenic Freechoice experiences such as the Winzerexpress mini train for a guided visit of Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum, or even take the cable car to the Niederwald Monument for spectacular views of the Rhine.


6. Experience the Alsatian culture of France’s Strasbourg 

Located in the northeast corner of France, this city’s architectural heritage makes you feel as if you are wandering through a film set. Strasbourg shares a border with Germany, but the food, language and culture you will find here are neither French nor German – they are Alsatian, a culture of its own. The old town is a maze of narrow streets and half-timbered houses; you’ll feel as though you have been dropped into a fairy tale.

Spend time in cultural Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most alluring cities and it is easy to see why, with its laid-back culture, canals for streets, more bicycles than people and excellent galleries and museums; it is the perfect place to visit with Scenic so you can breathe in the unmistakable Dutch culture. Take one of our e-bikes and explore some of the incredible galleries, taste Dutch favourites such as herring, cheese and poffertjes, or experience the city from a different angle on an iconic canal cruise on our Windmills, Tulips and Belgian Delights itinerary . What’s more, we will be visiting the much-anticipated Floriade 2022 exhibition as part of our programme.

Would you like to explore the magical Rhine River with Scenic? 

The Rhine offers these and many more truly enriching experiences, which will create memories to last a lifetime. No two moments on board are the same, with a new fairy tale moment around each bend.
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