Visitors to Belgrade increase in January

Data from the City Institute of Informatics and Statistics have revealed that 36,295 holidaymakers visited Belgrade in January this year, which is a 12 percent rise in the number of visitors from January 2013.

Broken down, the statistics show that 9,839 people who visited Belgrade in January lived in Serbia, while 26,456 were guests from overseas.

The Serbian capital is a popular stop-off destination for high quality river cruises drop anchor in Belgrade, the number of visitors to the largest city in Serbia will continue to grow throughout the year and will again return impressive results next year.

The visitor statistics for February 2014 have not been released as of yet but early estimates are suggesting that this month will again see an increase in the number of visitors compared to the same period in the previous year.

To look at more studies about Belgrade - from its tourism industry to its climate - take a look at the Institute for Informatics and Statistics website.

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