We welcome polar expedition leader Kara Weller as our Discovery Team Leader for Scenic Eclipse

Scenic invite you to experience our world of extraordinary travel, where exclusive encounters reveal rare cultural insights and the chance to discover hidden gems inaccessible to the ordinary traveller. Our Journey Designers work tirelessly to curate our hand-picked collection of diverse and thrilling experiences, each promising to become the highlights of your unforgettable European river cruise.

A qualified biologist, Kara will be assisted by a team of highly experienced specialists and naturalists, which will make guests’ time on board the exclusive Scenic Eclipse fleet an immersive, interactive experience never to be forgotten. Kara will be joined by a marine biologist, glaciologist, historian and geologist. To make her carefully-planned excursions extra-special, Kara will also have a fisheries and underwater expert, kayaking guides and Zodiac drivers assisting her on board.

As well as bringing her wealth of knowledge in polar expeditions, Kara has as a real passion for the Arctic and Antarctic regions, describing them as: ‘the most precious places on our earth.’

With more than 20 years of experience exploring Antarctica and the Arctic, Kara has explored the vast white wonders of the polar regions multiple times, working on almost 20 different expedition ships. Through this extensive experience, and through being able to take in the polar regions in many different ways, Kara recognises the importance of Scenic Eclipse and the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience it can offer:

'The best way to see Antarctica is by cruise because you want to be able to get around to more than just one spot. You want to see penguins, you want to see a few different bits of the landscape, not just one area.’

With its sleek, compact build, Scenic Eclipse makes this kind of in-depth exploration on ocean cruises entirely possible, and Kara will be with travellers every step of the way as they embark on ultra-luxurious expedition excursions to the awe-inspiring destinations of Antarctica and the Arctic.

We’re delighted to welcome someone with as much passion and experience as Kara to our team.

Nichola Absalom
Nichola Absalom
Nichola is Scenic’s Head of Marketing with a passion for anything travel related. Overseeing all of the travel portfolio for Scenic in the UK, her long career in the industry has meant she has visited many of the world’s most wonderful countries but says a journey on board Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht will undoubtedly be one of her travel highlights. Her other passion is animals and her little rescue dog makes sure she explores the countryside on her doorstep.