What to do on your first visit to New Orleans

If you are looking forward to visiting the city for the first time during your holidays with us, here’s our guide to some of the best aspects you should make sure to visit.

Discover history at The Historic New Orleans Collection

If you are visiting New Orleans for the first time ever during your escorted holiday in the USA through us, the place to get a great overview of New Orleans is at The Historic New Orleans Collection, which is located in the city’s French Quarter. With some 35,000 museum items and well over 350,000 photographs, it is the only place to offer a complete window into the history of this great city. Regarded as the birthplace of jazz and also revered for its cross-culture and multilingual heritage, New Orleans offers an incredible history for people to discover. We got in contact with The Historic New Orleans Collection to find out why it’s a must see attraction on your Scenic Tours holiday:

“With four exhibition spaces dedicated to history and art, as well as a house museum and beautiful courtyards, a research center free and open to the public, and a shop filled with works by local artists, The Historic New Orleans Collection is unmissable.           

“THNOC’s Louisiana History Galleries, a permanent exhibition free to visitors and available for self-guided tours, surveys the entire range of the city’s development, from its founding and colonial periods to its assimilation into the United States, Civil War years, and Reconstruction troubles, to its perseverance in the 20th and 21st centuries through the devastating floods of 1927 and 2005.

Along the way, visitors will learn how these historical events shaped the distinctive culture of the city, from jazz music and street parades to coffee with chicory and po-boy sandwiches. Above all, guests will come to know the people of New Orleans throughout the years—French diplomats, enslaved Africans, American businessmen, Irish and German immigrants, Haitian refugees, Creoles, free people of colour, and countless others.”