Why Take a River Cruise

In need of further convincement? Here, we explore why exactly you should — nay, must — take a luxury Scenic river cruise.

Wonderful Destinations

If you’ve always longed to explore Europe’s historic cities, towns and villages, a Scenic river cruise presents the ideal opportunity. Travelling the continent’s ageless passageways, you’ll visit a selection of distinct destinations on each day of your journey, ensuring no time is wasted in transit. And best of all? You’ll only need to unpack your case once, before relaxing into the unique spirit of a Scenic river cruise.

Thanks to our growing fleet of Space-Ships, we offer illustrious passage on most major European rivers, presenting you with a range of itineraries and destinations from which to choose from.

Whether you opt to float on the mystical Danube or the mighty Rhine, a Scenic river cruise promises an unforgettable journey. Our expert Journey Designers carefully chart each of our luxury itineraries, so you can make the most of each and every minute of your voyage.

Authentic Experiences

Carrying you to the heart of some of Europe’s most esteemed cities and towns — from Paris to Cologne — you’ll savour unique cultural happenings not afforded to most who travel the continent’s waters. Each port visit is complemented by a selection of handpicked excursions and activities, available to you at no extra cost thanks to our all-inclusive Freechoice and Enrich excursion programmes.

No matter which European river you choose to explore, you can cherry-pick your favourite trips from a roster of unique excursions, each designed to offer unbridled insight into the region. From an enchanting evening meal in a secluded French chateau, to a classical concert in a Viennese palace — authentic experiences abound on a luxury Scenic river cruise.

All-Inclusive Luxury


Journey Europe’s enchanting riverine passageways aboard a luxury Scenic Space-Ship, and you’ll enjoy the pinnacle in luxury, comfort and refinement. Our illustrious 5-star fleet of river ships are designed and built to exacting standards, making them more akin to luxury boutique hotels than traditional riverboats. From our perfectly proportioned suites to our opulent public areas, every inch of our ships is tailored to afford optimum luxury for our guests.

And elegant interior design isn’t the only thing which separates our Space-Ships from the competition. Our all-inclusive offering is one of the most comprehensive in Europe, with everything from complimentary drinks, airport transfers, and excursions covered in your total cruise price. This flexible and transparent approach to inclusivity means there’s no hidden fees, leaving you free to enjoy your journey in complete comfort and peace of mind.

Value for Money

Given the sheer quantity of all-inclusive extras afforded to you as a Scenic river cruise passenger, not to mention the raft of unforgettable and fully inclusive experiences, our luxury river cruise itineraries offer genuine value for money for those interested in touring the European continent. We take care of absolutely everything to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime, and all for one upfront cost.

For those seeking a travel experience which marries genuine cultural experiences with the very finest luxury accommodation, there really is nothing more suitable than a luxury Scenic river cruise.

To browse our complete selection of luxury river cruises, or to find out more about what makes a Scenic cruise so special, visit the homepage or call us on 0808 252 5111. 

Laura Barlow-Edwards
Laura Barlow-Edwards
Laura is Scenic's Digital Marketing Exec. She loves travel; her first river cruise was on the Danube, and she fell in love with Budapest at first sight. In her free time, Laura is usually reading, travel blogging, or planning her next adventure.