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Your wellbeing, your way with Scenic

On a truly all-inclusive Scenic river cruise, it’s more than healthy choices – it’s about a wellbeing experience that nourishes mind, body and soul. As you pass along Europe’s waterways, engage your senses and be attuned to the smells, sounds and views as each new wonder unfolds.

With a 5-star Scenic river cruise, the concept of wellbeing is more than just a spa treatment or attending a yoga class. It’s incorporated into everything that we do so that your experience as a guest becomes more than just a holiday, but a wholistic journey that leaves you feeling enriched and invigorated. 

Your health, safety and wellbeing are treated as our highest priority. You’ll find that there’s options to suit a wide range of interests and fitness levels. If you want to go at a speedy pace, there are active excursions designed to keep you moving. Equally, you may be interested in learning about food and produce at local European markets or simply spending casual days on board your luxurious Scenic Space-Ship – it’s all possible with the extensive range of Scenic Freechoice activities. On board, there is a range of health and wellness amenities that allow you the freedom to tailor your wellbeing, your way.

Here are some of the wellbeing options you may like to consider on your Scenic truly all-inclusive luxury river cruise. 

Space and freedom for peaceful solitude 

Part of the appeal of any holiday is in escaping a busy life at home and the day-to-day decision making that affect us all. On a Scenic river cruise, you can leave your wallet in your safe as you won’t be needing it on board. The most challenging decisions you’ll be asked to make include which wine to have with your dinner or which Scenic Freechoice activities to take part in. With your mind cleared of its usual daily noise, take the opportunity to start your day in mindful harmony with a guided yoga class with the wellness coach.

Between your explorations of European towns and villages, still your mind within the comfort of your luxurious suite, order in-suite dining and watch as you float by magnificent scenery from your own private Scenic Sun Lounge. Tune in to the guided commentary on your Scenic Tailormade app and listen to fascinating, narrated insights about the history, culture and landscapes of the sights you pass. You can also catch some quiet time with a good book and your favourite cocktail as you relax on the Sun Deck. And of course, it’s all included.

Onshore, if you’d like to explore independently and see the sights at your own pace, you’ll love our Scenic Tailormade App’s guided tours. Available in more than 140 locations, this handy App will safely guide you back to your Scenic Space-Ship.

It’s more than an on board gym…

Sticking to your fitness routine (or starting a new one) is very achievable on a Scenic Europe river cruise. Every 5-star luxury Scenic Space-Ship has a walking track on the Sun Deck and a state-of-the-art gym on board, fitted with all the equipment you need to maintain your healthy regimen. It’s more than having a gym on board, it’s having a wellness team on hand to guide you through a sunrise yoga class in the fresh air as you pass castles and small towns.

If you prefer to get an adrenaline rush in the great outdoors, you can choose from a range of ‘active’ grade Scenic Freechoice experiences. Cycle on an e-Bike or join one of the active hikes to get your heart rate up. There are also more leisurely paced walking tours in many of the towns we stop at, so there’s a pace available for guests of varying degrees of fitness. 

It’s more than a bike ride…

You’ll be able to make use of our complimentary e-Bikes on all of our Scenic Space-Ships*. Cycling couldn't be easier and your Cruise Director will be on hand to guide you through how to use the simple touch-pad system.
Join one of our guided bike tours to discover some of the most stunning and historic areas of Europe. Or go on your own leisurely, independent e-Bike adventure to uncover wonders away from the typical tourist route.

It's more than a spa…

Unwind in the serenity that you’ll find in the Salt Therapy Lounge# and breathe in the healing benefits of this ancient therapeutic practice. Here you’ll find our modern answer to the medieval salt caves of Europe. The salt brick walls of the humidity and temperature-controlled lounge are known to offer a range of health benefits to your respiratory and immune systems. Settle into the comfortable lounge and let the healing environment and particles work their magic through your muscles. With Scenic, it’s more than a chill-out spa zone, it’s a salt lounge that draws on centuries’ old wisdom and therapy. 

#Not available on Scenic Gem or Scenic Azure. 

It’s more than a relaxation…

The expert wellness team on your Scenic Space-Ship are on hand to help you ease any tired muscles, feeling the stress melt away, with our range of aromatherapy oils-based Burmese and Thai massage treatments^. Discover the calming benefits of hydrotherapy by taking a dip in our invigorating Vitality Pool, available on select Scenic Space-Ships. You’ll also find a range of Scenic Freechoice activities that will encourage relaxation while sightseeing onshore, such as a calming soak in one of the oldest and most beautiful Turkish baths in Budapest.

^Additional cost for massage and hair services.


It’s more than great food and wine… 

Made from fresh regional and seasonal produce, every meal on board your Scenic Space-Ship will be a highlight of your journey. If you have allergies or special dietary needs, our Chefs are happy to provide meals for all guests that meet their requirements. It’s more than fine dining, it’s your choice of up to five dining venues with a dedicated team creating dishes inspired by the regional cuisines of the countries you sail through. 

If you’d like to participate in some culinary activity yourself, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to join cooking demonstrations on the ships in Bordeaux and the South of France, including Scenic Culinaire, our on board cooking school.

Our commitment to you

We understand the importance of maintaining your health and wellness whilst travelling. Our team has worked closely with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and government health agencies, to implement a full range of health and wellness measures for our river cruise operations. 

Your wellbeing, your way

Whichever way you wish to embrace your wellbeing during your river cruise, our team is available to help ensure you have a trip that nurtures your soul and will be one you remember for a lifetime.

With Scenic, it’s more than a 5-star river cruise – it’s truly all-inclusive luxury where you can leave your wallet somewhere safe and relax, knowing that we will take care of everything. 

Please note, *e-Bikes are not available on our Space-Ships sailing in Portugal. #The Salt Therapy Lounge is not available on Scenic Gem or Scenic Azure. ^There is an additional cost for massage and hair services.