Blending exploration with rejuvenation 

Reach small ports and remote destinations on board our custom-designed Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yachts. Ignite your inner explorer with exciting excursions during the day, then enjoy breathtaking vistas from the comfort of luxurious dining, bar and wellness spaces on board.  

With only up to 228 guests on board and an expert Discovery Team of up to 15 specialists, tailor your days with a wide range of all-inclusive Discovery Excursions, Scenic Freechoice activities and bespoke Scenic Enrich experiences. 

Discovery Voyage Destinations

Scenic Eclipse Discovery Voyages offer unforgettable experiences in diverse destinations, featuring a combination of charming towns, picturesque ports, and hidden gems nestled in secluded coves, bays, and other Zodiac-accessible locations. 

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Paulet Island, Antarctica Paulet Island, Antarctica

Expedition Voyages 

Scenic Helicopter over Kimberley Scenic Helicopter over Kimberley

Helicopter and Submersible Experiences 

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