Touring Destination Guides

Discover the many destinations we visit on our escorted tours

From the vast Australian Outback to the snow-capped Canadian Rockies; the sun-kissed Californian coast to the historic icons of Peru; as a Scenic escorted tour guest, you’ll discover a wealth of immersive travel experiences that rouse the senses and provide some truly unforgettable memories.
For over thirty years we’ve been helping people live out their lifelong travel ambitions, giving us unrivalled knowledge and understanding of every destination we visit. Our Journey Designers work tirelessly to create each of our escorted tours, and every itinerary is packed with enriching activities that offer endless once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Choose to travel with us as part of a luxury escorted tour, and you’ll discover more in a single trip than most do in a lifetime. Many of the intimate cultural experiences we offer are exclusive to us, so you can enjoy enriching excursions far-removed from the ordinary tourist trail. So if you visit the Grand Canyon, you can do so much more than stand in awe of the view – as part of our Enrich experiences you can also dine right on the rim and take to the skies to enjoy a wonderful airplane ride.

From the moment you join one of our fully-inclusive luxury tours, you’ll recognise that the Scenic experience is no ordinary escorted tour. We go to further to guarantee your absolute delight, providing activities and excursions with our Freechoice programme that are all included in the price of your holiday.

Whether sampling your favourite wine in one of Australia’s esteemed vineyards, sightseeing amid the skyscrapers of Los Angeles, or enjoying an al fresco supper beneath the Tasmanian stars — our luxury escorted tours transport you to a world of incredible cultural experiences you’ll simply never forget.

To acquaint you with our most popular tours, itineraries and destinations, we’ve put together series of in-depth guides showcasing some of the incredible moments you can expect as a Scenic guest. From cultural highlights and retail opportunities, to general travel advice, these touring destination guides will inspire you to start planning for the trip of a lifetime. 
Touring Destination Guides
Ho Chi Minh City
Kangaroo Island
Rocky Mountains