Discover Cape Town with Scenic

Mountains to the north, seas to the south – Cape Town is pinned between land and sea, giving it a unique, elemental feel.

Here, encounter rich traditions and diverse culture, with the promise of wild discovery never far away.

From Cape Point to Table Mountain, Cape Town is a product of its own iconic topography. Lying at the southernmost tip of Africa, the city has a long history of maritime trade and discovery, and this heritage has contributed to its cosmopolitan way of life.

This beautiful African city offers something for all travellers – be it natural beauty, intrepid wildlife encounters, or the chance to sample exemplary local wines. Here, we explore the highlights of Cape Town, touching on its cultural musts, its fascinating history, and its culinary highlights.

Cultural Encounters
Natural beauty and rich traditions blend seamlessly in Cape Town, lending the city a colourful and diverse cultural map. From the elemental drama of Table Mountain to the poignant heritage of Robben Island, discover a handful of Cape Town’s cultural musts here.

Table Mountain

Cable car down table mountain
Gifting Cape Town one of the world’s most dramatic backdrops, Table Mountain is an instantly recognisable natural feature that has come to symbolise this unique region of South Africa. With its distinctive flat top, it’s clear what inspired the mountain’s name, and visitors have flocked to its fabled summit for generations. Since 1928, the Table Mountain gondola has provided an unforgettable way to reach the top of Cape Town’s iconic peak, and you can savour a ride as part of Scenic Freechoice excursion – with a memorable 360° panorama guaranteed.

Cape Winelands

Glass of wine and vineyard at the foot of Table Mountain
South Africa is among the most successful New World wine destinations, and many of its prized vintages are grown and cultivated in the Cape Winelands. Lying 25 miles east of Cape Town, this fertile region is revered for its mineral-rich soils and varied topography, which help produce wines of characteristic body, depth and flavour. The Cape Winelands is essentially a series of lush valleys, interspersed with historic vineyards growing a variety of red, white and rosé grapes. As part of a luxury tour of South Africa with Scenic, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Cape Winelands and sample the vintages during a guided wineries tour.

Robben Island

Shores of Robben Island
Lying just shy of 4 miles off Cape Town’s Bloubergstrand coast, Robben Island is a small, wildlife-rich isle with a fascinating story to tell. Once inhabited solely by rare migratory birdlife, the island was used as a prison from the 17th to late 20th century, specifically for high-profile political prisoners. Indeed, it was here that Nelson Mandela served 18 of his 27-year prison sentence during the infamous Apartheid years, making the island an integral part of South Africa’s social and political history. Travel to Robben Island as part of a memorable Scenic Freechoice event, and explore the fascinating history of this moving Site.
Culinary Delights
With its fertile lands and unique blend of cultures, Cape Town offers something for every type of foodie. Discover a handful of the city’s choice eats below.


Image of braii cooking

You may have already heard the term ‘braai’ – it’s one of the most well-known words in the Afrikaans phrasebook, and refers to barbecued meat. Braai may be closely associated with barbecues, but there are regional variations which set it apart. For starters, the meat served at a braai is distinct to the region, with kebabs, sosaties, boerewors, and marinated chicken favoured above burgers and sausages. A braai is also more of a social event than the traditional British barbecue, with whole communities attending a local event in their area.

Several restaurants in Cape Town have set out to replicate the braai experience, with a menu of grilled meats and salad accompanied by a communal, party atmosphere.


Billtong sliced
Biltong is common in South Africa, and can often be enjoyed as a light bar snack in any of Cape Town’s pubs, bars and eateries. This popular delicacy is similar to jerky, and originates from the period before South Africans had refrigerators. To prevent meat turning bad, it was common practice to cure it in a blend of spices, including allspice, coriander, pepper, ginger and cloves. This tradition stuck, and biltong remains one of the foremost savoury delicacies in the country. Be sure to give it a try if you encounter some during your visit to Cape Town.

Game Meat

Game meat and vegetables served neatly on plate
Cape Town has long been associated with big game, and today, several restaurants allow locals and visitors the opportunity to enjoy rare, exotic meats, like the kind hunter-gatherers would have survived on thousands of years ago. Springbok is particularly popular in Cape Town, and is traditionally served as a steak alongside local greens. Be on the lookout for big game dishes on the menu at the luxury Table Bay Hotel, your home away from home during your stay in the city with Scenic.

Discover Cape Town with Scenic

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