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Let us capture your imagination on a journey through the heart of Japan

From the neon-lit skylines of Shibuya to the ancient craftsmanship on display in Nara, history that is never to be forgotten can be found generously scattered across the country. Japan is yours to explore, passing the snow-capped Fuji-san on the shinkansen or taking a cable car ride across Ōwakudani, where the volcanic valley causes the landscape to change colour beneath you.

At Scenic, we carefully handpick each and every unforgettable excursion so that you can enjoy the illustrious landscapes and temporary nature of this charming country; where hanami (flower-viewing) during cherry blossom season and momijigari (autumn-leaf hunting) are just two ways in which this fleeting beauty is celebrated. Handpicked luxurious experiences are just one of the ways we set the standard for 5-star luxury touring in Japan.
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Extraordinary Experiences

Osaka Castle
We have carefully curated a series of unique and exclusive experiences that will make your time in Japan truly unforgettable.

Our Scenic Enrich experiences are all-inclusive and exclusive, having been carefully selected to take you behind the scenes for encounters that are simply inaccessible to the ordinary traveller, while still being included in the price you pay. Our Scenic Freechoice daily excursions will enable you to tailor your trip, where the opportunity to wander through the historical time capsule that is Tondabayashi Janaimachi will shed light on the history of the country and dining with a maiko will teach you about the art of omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality.

Scenic Enrich

Geisha's Japan
Visit Gion, Kyoto’s most famous geisha district, for an exclusive dinner with a maiko, who will teach you about her life as an apprentice geisha and the ancient traditions she follows.

Scenic Freechoice

Monkeys, Japan

Visit the Jigokudani Monkey Park and its famous Snow monkeys. 

Your guide to Japan

Tokyo city guide

Representing the perfect coming together of the old and the new, Tokyo is like no other city on Earth. At once ultra-modern and energetic, the Japanese capital hides a rich well of culture and heritage, with time-honoured customs passed down through the centuries. 

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Kyoto city guide

Teahouses, temples, cherry blossom and torii gates; Kyoto brings the Japan of your imagination to life. A cradle of culture and heritage, this ancient city is the spiritual heart of Japan and showcases many of its best-loved customs and traditions. 

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Osaka city guide

Those looking for the 'real’ Japan will find it in Osaka. This colourful city, located on an inland sea in the centre of Honshu Island, pairs rich history with a unique working-class culture. 


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World Class Hotels & Special Stays

Conrad Hotel, Japan
In Japan, you can look forward to accommodation that warmly welcomes you, mirroring the unique aesthetic of this captivating country while your destination is on your doorstep.

At Scenic, we have handpicked all of the accommodation we feature to ensure that our guests experience the best hotels in the best locations. From grand city centre properties to mountainous hideaways that deliver the scenery this country is famous for, there’s nothing quite like checking into a spectacular hotel and knowing that it has been chosen for you.

You will stay in remarkable properties that have been handpicked because they offer a unique experience that balances luxury, location and first-class facilities. We can safely say there’s nothing ordinary about any of these hotels. What’s more, all of our Special Stays are included in your itinerary.

Hotel de Yama

Situated in the heart of Osaka, the Hilton Osaka offers modern amenities, large windows and beautiful views over the city.

Conrad Tokyo SS

Conrad, Tokyo
Situated right in the heart of Tokyo, Conrad excellence meets modern design traits in the Conrad Tokyo. With panoramic views of the stunning metropolis surrounds, this hotel offers a truly luxurious experience.


Whether you’re luxuriously cutting through incredible landscapes and some of Japan’s most vibrant cities or experiencing speeds you never thought possible, you’re sure to never forget rail travel like this.

Considered as a representation of modern Japanese culture, reaching speeds of almost 200 miles per hour, the Shinkansen, or bullet train, offers an experience unlike any other. Safe, spacious and quiet, you’ll travel in the Green Car, comparable to that of Business Class. This incredible railway system spans from Hakodate on the island of Hokkaido, to Kagoshima on the southern shore of Kyushu.

5-star Luxury Inclusions 

mountain in the distance
With Scenic, the perks and privileges come included. Enjoy a full range of luxurious benefits that will enhance your experience throughout your journey.
  • Scenic Enrich
    Fully-inclusive, exclusive and unique, Scenic Enrich takes you behind-the-scenes to experience moments inaccessible to the ordinary traveller.
  • Scenic Freechoice
    With our Scenic Freechoice program, you will have every opportunity to choose from a vast range of excursions and dining experiences.
  • World-Class Hotels
    Our hotels are selected for their location and character, to ensure your stay is truly reflective of the destination surrounding you.
  • Rail
    You can look forward to state-of-the-art rail travel on board some of the world’s fastest trains, including the Shinkansen bullet train.
  • Sundowners
    Indulge in a glass of champagne and canapés overlooking some of the world’s most iconic landscapes and monuments as the sun sets.
  • Travel Tailored to You
    Enjoy complete peace-of-mind when you tour with Scenic because all of your travel is taken care of.