world of wondrous cities, beautiful temples and intriguing cultures await.

On a luxury land journey into the Far East, delve into the rich heritage of Japan, from the storied Samurai culture to the awe-inspiring temples and futuristic skyscrapers. Venture to South Korea, where ancient fortresses blend seamlessly with modern cities and enchanting villages. 

Japan and South Korea

Be immersed in lands of spirituality, modernity and tradition, with every opportunity to embrace it all. From glittering skyscrapers and ancient temples to snow-capped peaks and culinary delights. 

Scenic Rail

Experience the epitome of efficient rail travel in South Korea and Japan. Our curated itineraries allow you to enjoy the high-speed KTX trains of South Korea and the legendary Shinkansen bullet trains of Japan. The high-speed and Shinkansen bullet trains both feature expansive leg room, especially when considering your Green Class (Business) seats in Japan and the first-class seats in South Korea. You’ll also get the opportunity to marvel at the wondrous scenery passing by – a truly unique way to experience these countries’ way of life.  
Shinkansen bullet train in front of Mount Fuji Japan Shinkansen bullet train in front of Mount Fuji Japan

Where we travel in

Japan & South Korea

Embark on an extraordinary journey to seamlessly explore the natural and ancient wonders of these regions. 

Featured  Itineraries

Explore our itineraries below and discover the breathtaking destinations that await you. 
Siem Reap to Osaka

26 Days

SEASON: 2024/2025

Luxury Mekong & Japan in Focus

Something old, something new

Osaka to Taipei

15 Days

SEASON: 2024/2025

Natural Wonders of Japan and Taipei

Sensational Japan and beyond

Tokyo to Osaka

18 Days

SEASON: 2024/2025

Japan & South Korea In Depth

Enthralling Japan and South Korea

Japan & South Korea 2024/2025 Brochure
Japan & South Korea 2024/2025 Brochure

Your guide to Japan & South Korea land journeys

Start planning your unforgettable Scenic journey, details about handcrafted land tours and frequently asked questions. 

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